Encouraging local ‘green’ farming initiative

NIZWA, Dec 26 –

Izki Wali, Shaikh Mohammed bin Abdullah bin Ali al Busaidy, visited one of the local agricultural properties farmed by local businessman, farmer, and entrepreneur Ishaq bin Yousuf Abdullah al Saqri on Wednesday. The local body official was keen to see for himself the progressive development of Al Saqri’s farming operations in recent times as he continues to expand the range of his farming portfolio.
“We have diversified significantly in recent months,” said Al Saqri as he explained to his guest, “still growing our primary crops of string beans, cucumbers, okra, eggplants, zucchinis, and maize, but have planted extensively on this new adjacent plot, with several thousand plantings of three different watermelon varieties, tomatoes, cabbages, more cucumbers and zucchinis.” He did admit that this new ground required careful management, with soil analysis identifying some issues, “but we have a plan, and expect within some months to have restored this beautiful light soil to high productivity.”
Shaikh Mohammed al Busaidy, for his part, expressed interest in the ecological and environmental aspects of the operation, and congratulated Al Saqri for his initiative.
The farmer himself admitted to being delighted by the interest shown in his ventures by local government, saying, “It very much justifies my desire, and my decision, to concentrate my activities here, in and around my hometown. My thoughts were that bringing the farms closer to home would support the local community by reducing the price of fresh, healthy vegetables straight from harvest to the home, with both economical and health benefits for all. It means so much to know that what I am doing is working, it is valued by my community, and recognised by local government.
— Photos by Lena Petersen

Ray Petersen