Enchanting Salalah

Salalah, June 16 –

Long queues of cars on routes leading to tourist locations in Salalah and the rush at tourist sites is an indication that a lot of people from north Oman have chosen to visit Salalah during the Eid holidays as well as take
a break from the heat for three
to four days.
Many who chose to come and see their favourite destination post-cyclone were amazed to see natural water falls at many places and the famous Wadi Darbat offering a stunning view.
Ahmed Mubarak, a regular visitor to Salalah, admitted he had never seen so much water at Wadi Darbat.
The place, famous only for a long canal in which boats would ply during the Khareef season, had turned into Darbat falls.
“I did not believe the pictures and videos going viral on social media until I saw it with own eyes. I was amazed to see the nature’s beauty,” said Mubarak.
His young children, however, were disappointed they could not go boating, a major attraction, in Wadi Darbat. “Hearing about more water in Wadi Darbat, the children were excited. However, we compensated for the loss (absence of boating) with a visit to
Atina land (known as Dinosaur Park) in Itin, where they enjoyed some rides and were finally happy,” he said.
Other visitors were happy to see the onset of Khareef and the mountains turning green.
Even though Salalah is warmer this time around, it is still a huge relief for those coming from north of Oman and some from places like Dubai, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. For them, Salalah is far better.
The local residents too are enjoying Salalah by visiting far-off places like Dhalkout and Rakhyout.
The regular roads leading to these places has been damaged due to a bridge collapse near Mughsayl, but a proper diversion has been provided, which makes it easier to reach this place.
Hotel operators were happy due to high occupancy and ongoing enquiries.
Manuel Levonian, General Manager of Crowne Plaza Salalah Resort, said: “The occupancy, of course, is not as high as in Khareef, but we are not disappointed. We did a quick makeover post-cyclone and due to the news of the greenery and fog conditions on Salalah mountains, enquiries have started pouring in for rooms. I can say we are having good bookings during the Eid holidays.”
The management of InterCity Hotel too expressed happiness over Eid bookings.
Mohammad Kashif, Food and Beverage Manager, said the bookings started picking up soon after the announcement of Eid holidays and the occupancy up to Monday is close to 100 per cent.