Emotion is an asset for women not weakness

Muscat: Women in Oman have proven their mettle in various professions and that includes law. Maisa Zahran al Ruqaishi, who is Assistant Attorney General, Director of Regional and International Cooperation Administration, graduated with a degree in law, Beirut Arab University in 2004.  Over the years she continued her higher studies while working and received her Master’s from Ain Al Shams University in 2015 and in 2017 she enrolled as PhD student in Law at Beirut Arab University.

Al Ruqaishi began her career in Public Prosecution in 2005 as an assistant public prosecutor for two years. “I worked through various jobs and functions until I became the assistant attorney general in 2019. However before I joined the current institution, I was training to be a lawyer,” she said.

Her work for Public Prosecution has shaped her personal life and career. She feels interpersonal skills are extremely important in this profession. “I consider it my second home where I belong. I give credits to my work in honing my interpersonal and professional skills and in empowering me to deal with life requirements and hardships.  Working as a prosecutor is not a walk in the park at all.

 It is a sacred duty that directly affects people’s rights. Prosecutors have jurisdictions in handling criminal cases including issuing arrest and search warrants and initiating an investigation. Therefore, huge responsibilities are entrusted to public prosecutors who have to uphold the public interest in the spirit of the law, not just in the letter of the law.

Oman was among the first countries to employ women as prosecutors especially considering that the Omani law does not dictate jobs should be reserved for males.  “Some may think that a prosecutor’s job is a hard labor that does not fit very well with a woman’s nature as they are prone to emotion. In fact, I do not see this as a case. Omani women are strong and able to produce results wherever they are. Besides, emotion is a human quality that exists in both genders. It is not tied only to women. In many cases, women can discern some fine psychological aspects during investigations, especially in cases involving families, children and juveniles.

“Moreover investigation in criminal cases requires resilience, this is a merit found in women as well in men. I believe building nations and communities rests upon both genders, men and women. It is a partnership rather than a competition,” said Al Ruqaishi.

She feels her work in Public Prosecution has given her an opportunity to know people better and to understand their habits since public prosecutors move a lot from one governorate to another. “I personally had the chance to know people more and to learn a great deal from their experiences.”

“I would like to congratulate Omani women on their day, October 17, which was set by His Majesty the late Sultan Qaboos. Omani women are lucky to belong to this generous country as the government has shown special consideration to women and they are equal to men in rights and responsibilities.

“My hope is that each woman who lives in this great nation led by His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tari works hard to serve her country and the community to the benefit of the whole world. Happy Omani Women’s Day to all women especially to mothers who raise a generation after another to women who work in all fields and to women who are partners in building and developing the nation,” said the Assistant Attorney General.