Emerson claims top honours in chess tourney

MUSCAT: The Ship Mall Al Ghubra hosted an exciting rapid chess tournament on last Friday with very intense competition between all the players in the seniors as well as the juniors. In the junior section, TR Nishant and Krishanu fought tooth and nail before Krishanu triumphed to finish first with 5 points.

In the senior section, Emerson Napone survived some anxious moments before defeating Ronald to finish first. In a very difficult tie-break, Anas al Darwish, rising star of Oman chess, finished second ahead of Ronald and Aubrey Armstrong.
The tournament was organised by the chess trainer Divakar. There was good response from chess enthusiasts for the tournament with 40 players participating in each section.
1. Krishanu, 2. TR Nishant, 3. Harrd Shah, 4. Nithin Sentilnathan, 5. Esha Rajesh
1. Emerson Napone, 2. Anas al Darwish, 3. Ronald, 4. Aubrey Armstrong