Salalah is emerging GCC picnic spot

Lush greenery, natural waterfalls and Eid al Adha holidays have turned Salalah into a picnic spot of the GCC.
All roads leading to tourist spots are busy and people are seen sitting over high lands with their picnic kits or food items prepared at home.

Salalah has this year emerged as a great host for visitors coming from all over the Middle East, thanks to the continuous drizzle and cool weather. Despite the movement of cars and people, visitors find Salalah a great retreat from the sweltering heat back home.
The long holiday has added to the joy of visitors, who are coming in batches, giving them the advantage of accommodation at affordable rates.
Had there been a short holiday, all visitors would have planned a stay at the same time, mounting pressure on the existing accommodation, which would have seen a rise in the
tariffs too.
Restaurant owner Jagdish said: “We are seeing a manageable rush due to the long holiday. New visitors are coming every day and we are in a position to serve them in a better way. Had there been a short holiday, everyone would have come in at the same time, mounting pressure on the current set-up.”
Saif Abdullah, Mohammed Nouh al Balushi and Mohammed Abdullah are all from the UAE.
Having arrived in Salalah in a group of 12, they admitted there was no match between Salalah and the UAE in terms of climate this
time around.
“It is very hot in UAE, Here, we are using blankets in the night and not using ACs even during the day. It is nice to be in Salalah this time,” said Abdullah.
They are in Salalah for the last seven days and enjoying the weather.
They were at Wadi Darbat, every corner of which has become a picnic spot, thanks to tropical Cyclone Mekunu, which had struck Salalah “We had heard Salalah was very nice, but this is beyond our expectations. It is an amazing place. Our earlier plan was to stay for five days but after coming here we extended our stay by four more days,” said Al Balushi.
The not-to-be-missed places for visitors in Salalah are Wadi Darbat, Nabi Ayoub’s tomb, Ain Homran, Museum of the Frankincense Land, Mughsayl Bay, Burj A’Nahdah Roundabout, Al Husn or Hafa Souq and Sultan’s Palace.
Equally important are the mountain areas near tomb of Nabi Ayub on Itin top, Ain Jarjij, Ain Rajat, Sahalnut, Ain Athum and some public parks that have come up recently in Itin and Dahariz.
Because of its climate, every inch of Salalah is a tourist spot.
The sight of people enjoying with families on the roadside or dancing to the tune of folk music is common.
It rained until today morning and the sky is still overcast. The sun is playing hide and seek, while the children are flying kites. Of course, under the supervision of their parents.