Embarking on a family group holiday


Thinking out of the box is one of the main qualities that the mother of junior possesses. She has that ability to think differently and unconventionally to form a new perspective of looking at things and accordingly creatively comes up with a unique strategy.
This time around, she came up with this idea of holidaying together. She advocated for a family group holiday. She gathered all her sisters and cousins, in a meeting, and told them to pack their suitcases and those of their spouses and of their children and get ready for a holiday.
She convinced all of them by saying that ‘there is nothing more satisfying than holidaying together’ adding that ‘when you holiday as a group, you focus a little more on life and how to enjoy it’. She later engaged the whole group and spread the word — let’s get together for some good times. Forget about the bad times and we all come together and go on holiday. She gave us a feel of the many different tourist destinations that we will visit, several of them sounding totally magical. She assured all of us — the old, the youth and the young that it is all worth it.
All arrangements were perfectly made and we found ourselves in many parts of the Far East. After landing at that fine International Airport, we toured so many sites including beaches, seas, islands, mountains, cities, villages and drove across many roads clocking so many miles. We enjoyed everything… from exotic escapes to fun and games; from Luxury Lodge indulgences to re-discovering the local parks, beaches and restaurants; from spa wonders to walking and cycling. From theme water game parks to modern malls.
Together in a group, we teamed up to go to many places and just have fun. There are many things we saw but did not bother to see again but we couldn’t resist looking, again and again, at the green hills and beautiful sites. We saw the beaches, the waterfalls, many types of fruits, animals and many species of birds, the place is a treasure. At least that is the impression we got as we continued to explore these part of the world. The ride was refreshing, for there was so much beauty to marvel.
The tour continued with a wide variety of so many activities including shopping, cycling, swimming and of course eating. In many instances, the mother of junior decided to even buy fresh raw food from the market and cook in our hotel apartments and together we ate. Her cooking was so adventurous and so yummy. What would you expect from fresh organic foods? She is known for her excellence when it comes to mixing-up some spices and some foods, to bring out something so tasty. This time around she too perfected her skills in artistically and creatively putting together deliciously homemade foods for the whole group to enjoy.
In a big group, we steadily cruised on a memorable and remarkable family holiday trip. The being together all the time in a green environment lured our entire feelings. As we travelled across this part of Asia we saw the beautiful-rolling countrysides and modern architectural wonders that kept surfacing one after another as we passed through cities, towns and villages. Every single sight was thrilling worth taking pictures of. Some of us, I will not mention names, was like they just came on the trip to specifically take pictures using their phones. You wouldn’t blame them as each one place is better than the other.
All reverence goes to the mother of junior who very well arranged and managed a fun-filled, entertaining trip with a great choice of destinations and family orientated resorts. With her effort, getting the whole family together for some fun in the sun looked so simple. With such a committed and experienced planner in control, everyone enjoyed the trip to the brims. We took some time to celebrate together and it was so nice!