Eiffel Tower to get glass security wall

Workers were getting started on Monday on preparations for a new glass wall and fence meant to protect the Eiffel Tower in Paris from terrorist attacks. The measures are intended to replace temporary metal barriers and prefabricated buildings that were put in place around the monument in response to the deadly attacks that have hit France since early 2015. Under plans approved by the city council in March, bullet-proof glass walls will be built on the two sides of the tower parallel to the river Seine.
The other two sides will be protected by metal fences designed in the pattern of the tower’s shape. The security measures, which are expected to cost 20 million euros ($23.9 million), should be finished by mid-2018. The Eiffel Tower was Paris’ fourth-most-popular visitor attraction in 2016, with almost 6 million visitors. French authorities have stepped up security around key tourist sites in response to attacks in Paris, Nice and elsewhere that have killed more than 230 people since early 2015. — dpa