Eid al Fitr celebrations connect generations

Even as three days of Eid celebrations continued across the Sultanate, Suhar will see more cultural experiences until Saturday.Traditions are kept alive during Eid, say most of the festival enthusiasts.Oman is all about traditions and culture, says Ayesha al Shoily. “No matter how much we progress as a country, nothing beats family visits and morning Arsiya, colourful clothes and crisp notes for the little ones.”She added, “I find true spirit of Eid in villages where people visit each other. Little boys in their white-coloured dishdashas and girls with their glittering eyes filled with black kohl. There are kids jumping and laughing about and there is aroma of food every corner you go.

The hospitality starts with halwa, coffee, sweets and fruits. If you are in time for lunch, a feast will be awaiting you. We are truly blessed that every stranger will find a home on Eid.”Some wilayats will hold traditional festivities for three days with different events and food preparations.“It would be interesting to see if modernisation has changed people’s perception of Eid celebrations. May be changes would come in slowly.  There are changes in some rituals such as the slaughter of animals.  Some families insist on the traditional method while others prefer butcher’s assistance,” said Dr Hamad al Sinawi.The halwa, as always, plays a significant part. Most families prefer to get it fresh on the Eid morning. No wonder, Eid is the busiest time of year for halwa-makers.No matter where you are, Eid celebrations are complete only when one visits the family members far and near, said Rudaina Amur.

“Traditions are what keeps Eid special. Going back to my hometown Bidiya in the middle of the golden sand dunes in the Al Sharqiyah Governorate brought back good memories. Visiting family and friends, and spending quality time with our beloved ones is what makes Eid so special,” says Rudaina.A part of the Eid celebrations is also ensuring inclusiveness by ensuring even the family members who are not well are not forgotten. So, many choose to visit their loved ones in hospitals.For Dr Wahid al Kharousi, Chairman of Oman Cancer Association, one of the most important part of the celebrations was visiting children at the Oncology Department at the Royal Hospital.Eid is also a reminder that no one is forgotten.  It is a festival that connects generations.

Lakshmi Kothaneth