Eid al Fitr a time for celebration

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Happy Eid al Fitr to all. We are still in the celebration mood as today is the third day of Eid. What we are all sure about is that the moments of enjoyment during such celebrations are always well-received by people. People will strive not to miss it in order to share the good times of fun and entertainment.
For that reason, we need to get into the mood of celebration every now and then while we are busy with the hustle and bustle of life. This should be maintained even if there is no occasion to observe or commemorate. Perhaps having good moments could be for the sake of refreshing ourselves, our minds and spirits.
Attending various gatherings with your loved ones will help you to be more relaxed, satisfied and encouraged to do more especially at work.
Eid al Fitr, as a key annual celebration, falls in the tenth month of the Islamic calendar. It is being celebrated after completion of fasting during Ramadhan. Eid comes as a reward from the Almighty Allah to all Muslims for completing their fasting. Celebrating Eid marks a way of thanking Allah for enabling us to complete this religious obligation and one of the five key pillars of Islam.
Eid al Fitr is a cheerful festivity for all Muslims — children, adults and the elderly, both men and women alike. Regardless of age and gender, you will see people from the same neighbourhood exchanging greetings and congratulations since the dawn or from the time it is announced that the next day will be Eid. It becomes a common celebration for all.
On this day, people get together and become more united and welcoming as well as forgiving. In fact, it marks a day of integrity and getting closer regardless of all the social and personal differences between people in society. They all come together to start a new chapter of life after Ramadhan, the month of giving and forgiveness. Actually, the day is a sacred gift
from Allah in which people come together.
This day is much-awaited by children who enjoy the celebration more than adults and the elderly. For children, Eid is a day of joy and entertainment as they dress up in new traditional costumes. Also, they impatiently wait for the monetary gifts that they receive from parents, relatives, siblings and others. For them, it’s a day of collecting money and gifts.
As Eid a0l Fitr is a religious celebration, Muslims start the day by performing a special prayer to thank Allah for enabling them to complete fasting and for designating this day as a day of happiness for all Muslims worldwide.
They perform prayers collectively early in the morning in masjids or outdoors. After prayers, they start sharing greetings and good wishes as well as visiting friends and relatives.
Marking this day mirrors a number of Islamic principles and morals that Muslims around the world share regardless of their origin, language, country. The day is observed by Muslims in the same way in any part of the world.
Generally, celebrations and festivities are another way of enjoying life and its blessings with family and loved ones. Through different occasions, we share joyous moments with family, relatives, friends, colleagues or neighbours.
Being in a mood of celebration is positive and encouraging. It refreshes the mind and spirit, strengthens relations with others and breaks the daily routine of one’s life.
Wish you all a happy and prosperous Eid with family and loved ones.