Eid al Adha commemorates a pillar of Islam

The annual Eid festivities are a different way of enjoying life and its blessings with the loved ones. On this occasion, people share great moments with their family, relatives, friends, colleagues and neighbours.
This festive mood is very inspiring. It refreshes the mind and helps strengthen relations with others, while breaking the daily routine of life.
Eid is a much-awaited occasion. That’s why everyone needs to get into such a mood every now and then, even if there is no occasion to commemorate.
Reviving the spirit of joy could be for the sake of refreshing ourselves, the mind and the spirit, of course. Spending time with loved ones during Eid gatherings help people become more relaxed and encourages them to do better at work.
People experienced this kind of festivity about two months ago, during Eid al Fitr. Now, they are readying to celebrate Eid al Adha, which is two days away.
Eid al Adha is one of the most-awaited celebrations in our calendar when great moments of enjoyment and happiness are well-received by people of all ages.
Eid al Adha is an annual celebration that falls on the twelfth month, Dhul Hijjah, of the Islamic calendar. It is the second of the two Islamic religious celebrations commemorated worldwide each year and considered holier of the two.
Eid is celebrated on the tenth day of Dhul Hijjah every year and called the Festival of Sacrifice or Feast of Sacrifice. It’s linked to the performing of Haj, the fifth pillar of Islam.
Eid is called the Festival of Sacrifice as it honours the willingness of the Prophet Ibrahim (Peace Be Upon Him) to sacrifice his son as an act of obedience to the command of the Almighty Allah.
Before the Prophet sacrificed his son, Allah provided a male goat to sacrifice instead. In commemoration of this, an animal is sacrificed and divided into three parts: one-third of the share is given to the poor and the needy, another to relatives, friends and neighbours, while the third is retained by the family. This represents the animal that Ibrahim sacrificed in the place of his son.
During Eid al Adha, men, women and children get dressed in their finest clothing to perform Eid prayers in a large congregation, usually in an open area or masjid. Then, Muslims who can afford it sacrifice animals. It could be a cow, camel, goat or sheep as a symbol of the Prophet Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his only son.
The sacrificed animals have to meet certain age and quality standards or else the animal is considered an unacceptable sacrifice.
Eid al Adha is an annual religious ritual celebrated by all Muslims worldwide. It has become a festival for children, adults and elderly, and both men and women alike. On this day, people get together and become more united, and welcoming as well as forgiving.
Eid al Adha marks a day of integrity and getting closer regardless to all social and personal differences between people within same society or nation. They all come together, starting a new chapter of life as it indicates welcoming a new Hijri year. The day is regarded as a sacred gift from Allah to reunite people and allow them to recall the historical story behind their celebration.
Wish you all a happy and prosperous Eid.

Abdulaziz Al Jahdhami