Educational meeting in Dakhiliyah discusses management of school buses

NIZWA, SEPT 16 – The Department of Financial Affairs organised an educational meeting with the supervisors of the school buses of students at the schools of Al Hamra and Bahla. The meeting was attended by specialists, administrators, financial experts and school coordinators. It was part of the committee’s plan to activate the student distribution icon on school buses in Al Dakhiliyah. Dr Mohsen bin Hamoud al Wardi, Assistant Director of the Department of Financial Affairs for Warehousing and Transportation of Students in Al Dakhiliyah Directorate of Education, clarified the functions of the school committee in defining the routes of the students’ transportation means, the methods of distributing the students to the school buses, the stopping points and ensuring that the bus owners strictly comply with it.
He also hailed the attendees during the beginning of the new academic year 2018-2019.
Dr Mohsen added that the committee formed by the directorate is interested in making sure that the schools use the student distribution screens on the school buses, and make sure of the transportation numbers with the routes of
the transport in the governorate,
and also check the number
of buses and their suitability for the students and the number of transfers.
Ahmed bin Mohammed al Anqudi, from the Education Portal, presented a working paper explaining the importance of using the portal to introduce the school buses management through Oman Education Portal.
The portal helps in finding transportation data used in the schools of the educational sector and how to mark the management of means, routes, stops points, transportation management applications, the methods of recording the attendance and absence in the transportation means, the methods of financial deductions and the adoption of the monthly claim and how to hire another means of transport.
The head of the student transport department, Ali al Baridi, also presented an electronic working paper on how to follow up the school buses that do not have routes, and how to prepare a report on the total distribution of students on the school buses.
The directorate has implemented a similar meeting in Samayil, Bidbid, Nizwa, Izki, and Adam, in order to identify the schools administrations with the procedures followed and the new directives in the field of student transport.
It was stressed to follow the
traffic safety regulations and ensure that the buses are free of students during their arrival to and from the school and open the windows during the parking of these buses to allow the appropriate ventilation in case of missing out any students on the bus.