Economics, political science faculty, students visit State Council

MUSCAT: State Council to facilitate dissemination of accurate information about governance in Oman on Monday, welcomed the students and the Faculty of Economics and Political Science at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU).
As a part of the in-house tour, the visitors viewed the documentary featuring the State Council. Abdullah bin Saif al Sibani, Director of the Culture, Information and Tourism Committee, delivered a detailed explanation covering the functions and powers of the Council, the tasks and responsibilities entrusted to it. He spoke about the organisational structure of the Council and its major organs. He also defined the profile of the Oman Council, its role and significance in governance.
Abdullah’s lecture touched on the special provisions of the Basic Statute, which specifies the membership number, the mechanism for their appointment, terms of membership, and the differences between the membership and role of the State Council and the Majlis Ash’shura.
Abdullah pointed to the aspects of compatibility and integration between the State Council and Majlis Ash’shura and emphasised on the joint role of the Council of Oman in the political and economic decision-making, which promotes comprehensive development of the Sultanate.
He highlighted how the Council activates partnership with the community through its website and social networking platforms.
The students received an opportunity to view the Council of Oman building, its latest high-tech facilities which facilitate parliamentary work and contribute to activation of communication.