Ebdaat Omania to feature over 200 small enterprises

MUSCAT, NOV 5 – The organising committee of the exhibition of entrepreneurs’ products “Ebdaat Omania” revealed the details of the exhibition organised by the Public Authority for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises (Riyada) to be held from November 19 to 23 at Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre. Halima al Zar’i, Acting CEO of Riyada, highlighted the importance of holding Ebdaat Omania exhibition annually.
“This exhibition helps participants to develop their capabilities and skills in products’ displaying and marketing. This in return will create market opportunities, the exchange of experiences among entrepreneurs involved in marketing, displaying, packaging and promotion while increasing the volume of sales of the participating institutions,” she said.
“Ebdaat Omania” is considered as one of the most important and largest exhibitions held in Oman, which showcases the products and services of small and medium enterprises that are managed by Omani entrepreneurs, said Sultan al Mawali, Director of Marketing and Events Department.
“This year, more than 200 SMEs are participating from various vital sectors such as Oil and Gas, Food Production, Logistics, Tourism, Innovative Industries and Renewable Energy, Information Technology and Smart Technologies, Elegance and Beauty Projects, Innovative Craft Products Projects, Innovative Student Projects, Scientific Innovation and Omani Women’s Associations,” he said.
The exhibition will also host this year the second edition of “Riyada Talk”.
Al Mutajarida al Manthari, Director of Guidance and Training Department, stated that “It is a public programme that aims to develop non-traditional means to connect Omani entrepreneurs with investors, financing agencies which include a group of businessmen, women and funding supporters.”
The programme allows participants to present their projects and applicable ideas with an economic feasibility. Supporters can fund the entrepreneurs with a grant or a loan.
“This will clearly enhance the cooperation between small and medium enterprises and large institutions and investors while introducing the entrepreneurs to the financing outlets in Oman,” she added.
Al Manthari also said that this year’s programme will introduce seven inspirers. Firstly, the inspirational experiences section presented by a group of a successful entrepreneurs to show their success stories in entrepreneurship.
Secondly, the programme will host a competition between 7 contestants in which the representatives who are interested in financing or investing will evaluate the offers submitted by entrepreneurs and then select the best projects they wish to cooperate through a grant, loan or partnership.
She also pointed out that audience will be voting for the most impressive inspirer.
This year, the seventh edition of the exhibition comes under the theme of “Shopping and enjoyment”, which opens an opportunity for the general public to buy the products of the SMEs and benefit from the services provided while enjoying the accompanying events which is an ideal place to bring the whole family under one roof.