Eat this five food to aid you have a good night sleep

Since I’ve become a mother, sleep has become a thing of the past for me. Juggling motherhood with jobs both at home and work can deplete one’s energy. Every night, I end saying I will go to bed early the next day but it never happens. Just no.
I spend the evening up like a vampire, finishing jobs and then a little sleep in the morning results to me feeling like a zombie regularly.
To combat this, a balance lifestyle and a good daily plan is important to pace yourself properly. A good exercise, although exercising is the last thing on your mind, also helps you become healthy. But when it comes to good night sleep, nothing helps better but a well-prepared, well-thought out food.
I met up with a good friend recently and we got into talking about good foods that can help you sleep better in the evening. Sleep is so important that I thought our conversation and what I picked out from it would help and benefit other mothers too on how to manage their day and get a good sleep in the evening.
To cut the long story short, here are five food stables that can contribute to a good night sleep.
Oats – They are not just good meal alternative to start your morning, but oats are actually good to end the day as well. Surprisingly your body actually requires energy while you are sleeping the same way it needs that energy in the morning when you are active.
The slow releasing carbohydrates in oats drip feed your cells with energy throughout the night, and can stop your blood sugar from falling too low and waking you up.
Herbal Teas — Teas are a great relaxant. While coffee will definitely keep you awake, teas, with less caffeine, are nice drink to have in the evening to calm your nerves.
If you have trouble sleeping and you pump your days with coffee to get yourself going, minimise your caffeine intake after midday. This is to help your body adapt well to the timing.
Pumpkin Seeds — Rich in magnesium, this mineral in pumpkin seeds will help calm and relax your muscles and encourage restful sleep. Instead of reaching out for chocolates which have more sugar, pumpkin seeds are great tasting evening snack with many other healthier benefits.
Sweet Potatoes — For a similar reason to oats, eating sweet potato with your evening meal can help keep up that drip feed of energy over the night. It can also be a better option than white potato, as it tends to release energy more slowly, while still being a good source of carbohydrates. But still stick to a moderate portion, don’t’ scoff a bowl fill!
Cherry Juice — Cherries contain small amounts of melatonin, the hormone that helps regulate your sleep-wake cycle. So if you struggle with insomnia, a glass of cherry juice or a serving of fresh or dried cherries before bedtime can naturally help you drift off.
There are many other foods that help promote good sleeping, but these are the top 5 my friend Agatha recommended.
Also, remember to finish your evening meal at least two hours before you go to bed to give your body enough time to properly digest and relax before you settle into a night’s sleep.

Sayeh Woodman