Easy to prepare healthy vegetable burger


170g Vegetable Patty
50ml Yogurt Mint Sauce
21g Carrot Pickle
10g Frisée Lettuce
110g Brioche Bun
35g Mayonnaise
120g Fries
40g Tomato
12g Butter, plain, unsalted

Red Kidney Bean Patty
100g Red kidney beans
100g Chickpeas
23g Ginger
7g Garlic
5g Coriander Leaves
7g Parsley Leaves
5g Coriander Powder
5g Cumin Powder
5g Turmeric Powder
20g Corn Flour
5g Salt
3g Pepper, black, powder

For dry beans (chickpea and red kidney beans), soak in the water fully submerged for twenty-four hours. This will help to soften and release unwanted gas out of the beans. Boil separately until soft then strain then cool it. Wash leaves and chop roughly. Peel ginger and garlic then chop roughly. Mix all ingredients and incorporate then shape according to desired thickness.

Yoghurt mint sauce requires only yoghurt, mint, coriander leaves and lemon. Wash all the leaves and dry with paper towel. Chop roughly then mix and incorporate. Season with salt and pepper then set aside until ready to use.

Pickled carrot, for 50g portion. It needs 50g washed, peeled and grated carrot, 10ml white vinegar, 10ml cold water, 5g white sugar, 3g fine salt. Mix all the ingredients and soak for one hour for flavour to be absorbed.

Wash the lettuce and strain to remove excess water then keep it chilled until ready to use. Slice washed tomatoes and set aside until ready to use.

Since this is a sandwich, it requires minimal cooking method and involves a lot of building the item instead. For the patty, heat up the frying pan with neutral flavour cooking oil like sunflower. Dredge the patty with cornflour and pan fry Flip it when the first side is golden brown and crispy. While the patty is cooking, spread butter on both sides of the bun. Toast until crispy and golden brown.
Spread mayonnaise on both sides and place the carrot pickle on the bottom bun followed with the tomato slices on top. Place the lettuce and then the vegetable patty above it. Top the patty with a generous amount of yoghurt sauce, this will provide moisture since the patty is naturally dry.

Tips and Tricks
Any kind of beans can be used for the patty like black beans, soybeans and the likes. For easier method, canned one is okay to use. Just wash the beans several times to remove the brine out. If you find the mixture contains too much moist and difficult to shape, you can throw in some oats, chia seeds or flax as the binder that will absorb extra water content. This will add texture and also lots of nutrients aside from what this burger has already in it. Homemade chips and some simple salad with lemon and good olive oil is good side for this burger.

CHEF GERALD VIBAL took Psychology in college but later discovered his love and passion for food and cooking. He spent some time working at the kitchen of Gaylord Hotels in Nashville, Tennessee before moving to Oman to pursue his dream. He worked as a sous chef for almost two years for Laval when he got to Muscat until he landed the Chef De Cuisine post at Marlins.
Chef Gerald wanted to bring the “homemade” touch to all of his dishes and prefers using fresh products for the many different cuisines he prepares. He also favours using local produce, meat and fish and aims to provide foodies with fresh and memorable dishes.