‘Easy math’ makes kids shed fear of numbers

Muscat, July 16 – While some children love playing with numbers, many dread the subject which deals with complex calculations and formulas. In order to help children overcome the fear of math, an event was organised at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) recently.
Besides introducing students to the science of statistics, the two-day event made them shed their fear for math.
Organised by Domas Group (mathematics and statistics group) of the College of Science, the first edition of ‘Domas Kids’ was aimed at “simplifying mathematics and teaching it in an easy and uncomplicated way”.
Seventy-five children participated in the event. According to their age, they were divided into two groups: 6 to 9 years, and 10 to 13. Each group was allocated a full day for different activities.
The programme included lessons in mathematics and statistics such as mental calculation, how to design and analyse questionnaires, drawing statistical forms, arithmetical formulas, and the Japanese method of multiplication tables. It also included entertainment competitions.
Asail al Adawi, Deputy, Domas Group, said: “Mathematics and statistics science are complex subjects. This event has helped create a positive image in the minds of children by teaching the subject in an easy and uncomplicated way.”
It also helped them rid their fear of mathematics.
According to her, 20 supervisors dealt with the children to ensure quality and pay attention to all.

Arwa al Khayari