E-Visa must for travel to Oman via road

The Royal Oman Police (ROP) has sought to clear confusion on tourist visas to the Sultanate.
In a statement issued on Wednesday, ROP said, “All visitors requiring visas for travelling to Oman through the land ports are requested to obtain it electronically (e-Visa) before travel. This will facilitate easy and efficient processing at the border posts. Visa on Arrival is now an exception to the rule and e-Visa should be used wherever possible.”
With the Sultanate moving towards the e-Visa platform, all foreign tourists have been urged to obtain a visa before their departure from the city of origin.
All tourists eligible for the unsponsored ‘Visa on Arrival’ have been also asked to get an online visa.
According to sources in the Ministry of Tourism, “We are moving towards the digital platform in this segment worldwide. It will have a positive impact. Now, every single tourist coming to Oman can avail of e-Visa.”
Currently, expatriates (and relatives accompanying them) residing in the
GCC can avail tourist visas without a sponsor and extendable for a week, by paying RO 5.
Other conditions include the person should have a valid residence permit in any GCC country to enter without a sponsor and valid
passport for a period not less than six months.
The expatriates should come directly from one of the GCC countries if they wish to take advantage of this facility.