E-auction of Golden Diamond telephone numbers today

MUSCAT, Feb 4 – The first electronic-auction of the special Diamond and Gold telephone numbers begins today. The bids will be executed by the telecom operators under the supervision of Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA).The online auction will be carried out by Omantel and Ooreedoo through their websites. Mohamed bin Hamoud al Kindi, executive director, Regulatory and Compliance Unit, TRA, said one of the main objectives is to limit the illegal trade of private numbers.
He added that TRA recently issued a regulation pursuant to Decision No 1/2018 published in the official gazette, according to which the diamond and gold numbers will be allocated according to the rules stipulated in the resolution. Allocation of communication numbers between users of telecommunications services. The diamond numbers are classified into as five types, which include a number of five consecutive times or more, and the numbers that include two numbers repeated four times and the numbers at the end of the number four times Double digit numbers and numbers at the end or before the end of a number on a repeating number four consecutive times, a duplicate number twice consecutive, and also numbers that contain two numbers each of them repeated three consecutive times.
The golden numbers include seven types, the numbers that include at the end or before the end of a number repeated five consecutive times or more.
The second, third, third or fourth repetitions are different, and the numbers at the end or before the end are four times Sequential numbers, and numbers that have a starting number of four consecutive times between two identical numbers. The numbers include two-digit numbers, each of which is repeated three consecutive times. The two numbers are repeated with a different number.
The numbers with four numbers and their figures are identical, and the numbers at the end contain two numbers that are repeated three times or a pair of numbers repeated twice.
The bid shall be made at the request of the licensee in accordance with the procedures and regulations prescribed by TRA.
The period of registration shall be three days prior to the commencement of the auction. The bid is generated using a mobile phone number is registered with a licensed in the Sultanate, after payment of a fee of RO 20 to the Authority.
The Authority may extend the auction period at the request of the Licensee and the bid shall start at RO 100 for the Diamond numbers and RO 75 for the Gold numbers. The amount offered will increase not less than RO 50 and the winner is based on the highest amount.
The winner must pay the amount due within three days from the date of winning the bid.
The bidder may, after fulfilling all the obligations, activate the number in his name or in the name of a competitor. If the successful bidder fails to pay the due amount, the offer shall be transferred, to the highest bidder, provided that it is not less than 75 per cent of the value of the first offer.