Duterte says he is free of cancer

MANILA: Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said on Tuesday that a biopsy shows he does not have cancer, after calls from the public for information after the 73-year-old missed two official events last week.
When pressed by reporters at a televised briefing at the presidential palace, Duterte said: “It’s negative. They had a suspicion… We can have a drink together. I can give you a run for your money.”
Duterte said he underwent tests “just to satisfy the family’s urgings. But, if it were up to me. I do not need… I don’t fear… I don’t care.” He also denied taking another medical test in Hong Kong during the weekend when he was seen shopping with his partner and youngest daughter.
Duterte’s acting interior secretary told reporters the president informed the Cabinet of the results during a Monday night meeting, prompting applause.
— Reuters