Dutch company unveils hyperloop test facility

The Hague: A Dutch group chasing technology luminary Elon Musk’s vision of near-supersonic “Hyperloop” rail transport unveiled Europe’s first test facility on Thursday, aiming to start constructing a system within four years.
Hardt, a company which grew from a group of technology students who won a competition set by Tesla founder and SpaceX head Musk earlier this year, unveiled their 30-metre (98-foot) test facility at the Delft University of Technology campus.
Hyperloop is a system that propels a capsule or pod magnetically through a near-vacuum tube at almost the speed of sound — and its inventors say it may one day compete on the same footing as air travel.
“A Hyperloop network across Europe would mean that people could travel across an entire continent with the same ease that underground train travel currently offers in big cities,” Hardt’s chief executive Tim Houter said. — AFP