Duqm Airport, Oman’s new gateway

Every single day, Oman has been witnessing remarkable changes that have had an impact on people’s lives. Consequently, every corner of the country has seen a significant change that has improved the lifestyle of Omanis and elevated their living standards. It has also contributed to the overall nation-building process. While the needs and demands of a modern country and its people have been increasing, Oman has been rapidly developing in almost all walks of life.
Crucial infrastructure facilities and services have been brought to the easy access and benefit of both citizens and residents alike. Tourists and travellers are too deriving the advantage of changes taking place in the country.
Everyone is speaking highly about the way Oman is portraying its image and reputation worldwide. Oman has proved to the world that its march of development is proceeding in the right direction and at the right time.
As the country proceeds to develop its infrastructure, improve quality of human capital and properly use its workforce, new projects and achievements are being witnessed every day. The development march has impressed the whole world.
One of the key milestones celebrated recently was the launch of Duqm Airport. Located at the new economic hub of Oman, it will be a thriving gateway to the country.
The new airport will complement the other local airports in different parts of the country. The airport will help nurture the Special Economic Zone of Duqm in particular and Al Wusta Governorate in general. It’s a really commendable achievement indeed.
Thanks to the government, especially the Ministry of Transport and Communications, for planning such great projects and for making these plans a reality.
Duqm Airport will help promote the economic zone globally as a distinct and perfect tourism/investment destination. It will also ease flow of new foreign investments in Oman.
With more projects and business opportunities in Duqm, the new airport will be a gateway for attracting more local and international businesses. Therefore, all these potential opportunities will support Omanisation by providing more job openings for Omanis.
Outstanding achievements such as the airport reflect the government’s long-term plans and strategies. His Majesty Sultan Qaboos had said: “Through the implementation of a succession of national development plans, we have successfully completed laying the foundations of a modern state and will continue to build on this achievement; improving living standards and implementing programmes which aim to boost economic growth through the diversification of sources of national income and the development of human resources.”
Furthermore, Duqm Airport will boost economic diversification and tourism in that part of the country by attracting more visitors and tourists.
Duqm has rich cultural heritage, natural beauty and geographical landmarks. The link between the sea and the desert further strengthens its image as an ideal destination for relaxation and tourism-related investments.
The development journey is embarking on a new route, making a stop in the middle of Oman. It is now creating a new business hub of the country in the Wilayat of Duqm in the Governorate of Al Wusta. Hence, it will be a new, distinguished world-class investment and tourism destination in the country.

Abdulaziz Al Jahdhami