Oman drowning incidents on the rise; 268 cases in 2016

1005022MUSCAT: The Sultanate witnessed 150 drowning cases in 2014 and 113 cases in the following year while the year 2016 saw 268 drowning cases, according to a statistics released by the Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulance (PACDA). Drowning mainly occurs wadis but also in the sea, overflowing wadis, dams, wells, and open tanks. Most of the cases occurred during the summer months when people resort to beaches and wadis to beat the scorching summer heat.

The major cause behind drowning is the victim’s inability to swim, swimming in places that are not dedicated for swimming such as ponds, wadis and dams. Normally, victim number increases due to haphazard rescue when the non-experts attempt to rescue someone from drowning. With the advent of summer, members of the public are strongly advised by PACDA to strictly follow the instructions and warning, not to leave the children unattended during picnics and to avoid crossing overflowing wadis or venturing into rough seas.