Driving with ‘Flowers’

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During winter, I always see people seeking to cultivate flowers. Others choose to buy, while others wear them. I believe people love flowers because of their attractive appearance and smell. People also use flowers for a wide range of events and functions that, cumulatively, encompass one’s lifetime — for new births or be worn at social functions or for holidays.
Some use it as a token of love and esteem and also for weddings especially for the bridal party, and decorations for the wedding halls. House makers love using them to brighten the decorations within their homes.
Flowers can mean a lot to so many people and you will find people using them as gifts of remembrance for bon voyage parties, welcome home parties, get well soon and “thinking of you” gifts.
Even during funerals, flowers are used to express sympathy for the grieving party. Flowers are amazing and most people do love them. They grow them around their homes, some dedicate entire parts of their living space to a flower garden. They love them and exchange them as gifts.
Last weekend, as I sat outside my home, I had the time to admire the flowers in our garden. I pondered on its spelling – F.L.O.W.E.R.S and recalled how it is linked to driving vehicles.
This may sounds peculiar and one may ask what on earth has flowers got to do with driving? Under Oman rules, the driver is responsible for prechecking the vehicle before operating it.
Here’s how ‘flowers’ come into the picture and how each letter corresponding to something important when you are driving.
F for fuel – It is important that the fuel gauge is checked to ensure that there is ample fuel in the tank to cover for the intended journey.
L for license- This is to ensure that all legal documents of that specific vehicle are in possession. This will include your valid driving permit, car registration, journey management card and car monitoring verification card.
O for oil – Check the levels of engine oil, power steering oil and the brake fluids.
W for water – It is the duty of a driver to make sure that the engine coolant is well filled. The water for cleaning the windscreen and the water battery should be physically and thoroughly checked. Besides, drinking water should be in possession in case of long journey trips.
E for electrical – This is a physical verification to ensure working conditions of the following: – lights, indicators, brake lights, reverse lights, wipers, air conditioning, radio and auto windows buttons.
R for rubber – Checking all the tyres condition and pressure including the spare ones is very crucial in a safe driving journey. All the rubber parts in the engine bonnet have to be checked.
And last but not least is checking for the letter S which stands for safety equipments.
A good driver should, before any journey is started, ensure that the vehicle is equipped with emergency reflectors, a fire extinguisher and a first-aid kit, the jerk and all the necessary spanners. Drivers should make a point of locating these items.
So always remember to give your vehicle some good ‘flowers’ before you start your journey. This habit will pay you in the long run. After this exercise of verification is complete, you get a peace of mind while driving so that you can concentrate on driving safely.