Dresden opera house stage restored to former glory

The stage of the east German city of Dresden’s world-famous Semperoper opera house has been restored toits former glory. Since July 23, four restorers have cleaned up and improved the stage’s painted curtain, the view from below of the proscenium arch,the renowned “five-minute clock” and the paintings at the front of the proscenium, the state’s administration department for buildings said on Thursday.
The Harlequin Curtain that separates the auditorium from the stage is an illusionistic purple painted screen. The screen is stretched over an aluminium plate framework. It has been restored to its original condition after the opera house was destroyed in the Allied bombing of the city toward the end of World War II in 1945.
In the middle of the painting, which features profiles of various writers and composers on gold backgrounds enclosed in circular wreaths, the figure of Fantasy sits on a throne holding the torch of elation. She is surrounded by the muses of the theatre: poetry,music, comedy, dance and history.
The Second Royal Court Theatre as it was originally known was built between 1871 and 1878 according to the plans of the architect Gottfried Semper, after whom it was later named.
After its destruction in 1945, the Semperoper stood as a ruin until it was restored to its original state and officially reopened in1985. — dpa