Don’t use royal logo without permission

By Zainab Al Nasseri — MUSCAT: May 9 – The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has warned using the Sultanate’s logo (two swords and a dagger) and the royal logo (crown, two swords and a dagger) on commercial products without authorisation. The use of these logos conflicts with the Royal Decree No 53/2004, which deals with the national flag, log and anthem. Article 12 of the law says: “It is prohibited to use the logo as a trade mark or for advertisement. It is also prohibited to post the logo on either locally made jewellery pieces, products and items or those imported without prior approval from the minister.” Article 15 of the same law specifies penalties for violators, including fine and confiscation. Khamis bin Abdullah al Farsi, Director-General of the ministry, said some companies have been found using the Sultanate’s logo and the royal logo on their products without authorisation. Al Farsi said the ministry will be strict in applying the law on violators.