Don’t use public places to sell used cars

MUSCAT, Nov 26 – The Royal Oman Police (ROP) has warned against using public spaces for displaying used cars for sale.
While asking people to refrain from parking cars with ‘For Sale’ bills on them, a senior official at the ROP Public Relations Department said: “Displaying used cars for sale in public parking lots is against the law and people should find used car markets/authorised agencies for carrying out such activities.”
Violating these rules are punishable by law, he said.
It’s a common sight to see cars being displayed at every nook and corner of the city and the outskirts.
Both the civic authorities and the ROP have clearly stated vehicles can be exhibited only at authorised car showrooms and areas designated for the purpose.
“This regulation is part of the last year’s amendment to the traffic law. Anyone found violating the rule will be fined RO 200 and the vehicle will be towed away. The costs involved must be paid by the one displaying the vehicle,” he said.
Recently, the ROP and the Muscat Municipality embarked on a clean-up drive and fined those displaying used cars for sale in public parking lots.
They started cracking the whip for two reasons. “The first is for violating the rule. Second, these cars are found to accumulate heaps of dust as they are kept at the same place for days and it is an eyesore,” said a civic official.
These cars, which remain in the public parking lots for days, also obstruct free movement of vehicles in and around these areas.
“These permanently parked vehicles occupying parking lots are one of the reasons for traffic snarls at places like Mawaleh and Al Khoudh,” said the official.
Repeated offences will attract other penalties such as seizure of the vehicle, he added.