Don’t trade in old tyres: PACP

MUSCAT, AUGUST 26 – Manipulating with the date of production and expiry dates of tyres can land you in jail or fine, warns the Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACP). There have been complaints that some shops are manipulating the dates to sell off outdated or close to expire tyres, which may lead to accidents.  “Meddling with the manufacturing and expiry dates of tyres is a grave offence as this is a dangerous thing to do with vehicles,” said Omar al Jahdamy, Vice-Chairman of the Consumer Services and Market Watch, PACP. “The buyers of these tyres believe that these tyres are new whereas they are not. In that way, a number of accidents are resulting from such malpractice.”
The Court of First Instance in Ibra recently had issued a judgment against four defendants for violating Article (7) of the Consumer Protection Law issued by Royal Decree No 66/2014, convicting and fining RO 2,000.
The PACP officials had recently raided some companies selling tyres and retailers who import and sell old tyres after changing dates.
Upon inspection and thorough investigation, the technical report issued by the experts delegated by the authority said that all the seized tyres were stamped with a manufacture date for the first week of 2019 and that the defendants admitted that the tires were ordered in November 2018, and entered the Sultanate in January of 2019, which confirms their import of the said tyres. The manipulation was also confirmed by the invoices.
A careful examination proved that the sale and circulation of these tyres took place in the first and second third of January of this year and can in no way be manufactured, shipped or supplied in the same month, especially since the shipment of goods from the exporting country takes from thirty to thirty-five days.
“Selling the tyres in the same month of manufacturing is near to impossible as the entire process takes about 3 to 4 months. Selling them in the same month is incredible and they were found to have done a criminal offense,” he added.
He said that accordingly the necessary measures have been taken against them. It referred the case to the public prosecution, which in turn referred it to the competent court that issued the judgment.