Don’t hire mediators for govt work: SAI

Fahad al Ghadani  –
Muscat –
Jan 5: Hiring mediators for government transactions is a serious violation which will attract legal action, according to a source at the State Audit Institution (SAI).
Though it’s a relief for the public to find someone who can handle government transactions at a price, it is considered a violation.
Khalid al Rashdi, Director of Media and head, Awareness and Integrity Promotion Department at SAI, said: “We want to raise public awareness about government work conducted via mediators and the punishment they might face for such violations.”
The public will be educated about regulations, punishments and legal questioning, he said. SAI has tweeted awareness messages through the social media.
“We will use all forms of media to spread awareness. We want to ensure our message reaches the people,” said Al Rashdi. The Awareness and Integrity Promotion Department was launched in May 2016. “The State Audit Institution aims to protect state public funds and ensure the adequacy of traditional and automated internal control systems,” he said.
Al Rashdi said the institute’s programme doesn’t target the public alone, but also the government employees and officials. “A part of the programme is to visit government offices to see if an employee is serving the public properly.”
People come from far-off places and there are times when they are sent back with their work still pending, with reasons such as “staff not available” or “signature of an official is missing”. “This is unacceptable. Such employees will face legal questioning,” he said.