Don’t dump debris and waste in low-lying areas

Hefty fines will be imposed and punitive action taken against those dumping construction/ demolition waste in the low-lying areas, a senior Muscat Municipality official has warned. Only the two major dumping sites, one in Al Amerat and another in Barka, should be used as landfills, according to the civic body which has been carrying out intensive cleaning campaigns at landfills.
“No other places, including low-lying areas and wadis, should be used as landfills,” said the official.
Waste, both construction and demolition, should be dumped only at designated sites on payment of a required fee to the municipality. “Using any other public place or wadis will invite action,” said the official.
The General Directorate of Muscat Municipality has been carrying out campaigns against dumping of waste in different parts of the governorate, including Sur al Hadid in Seeb as well as the residential neighbourhoods of Al Khoudh, Al Hail and South Maabaila.
These campaigns have been conducted to ensure cleanliness and beauty of residential and urban neighbourhoods and public places. It included removal of debris and waste management in residential, commercial, industrial and public areas.
The campaign has detected 724 law violations so far this year. It will cover other areas, governorates and wilayats in the coming days.
The Urban Inspection Department, in association with the General Hygiene Department, has been carrying out regular monitoring of all streets, main roads, and service roads to ensure waste is not dumped by companies and individuals in public places, squares and valleys.
“The public have been urged to join the civic authority in keeping public places clean and hygienic and preserve the environment while fully complying with the local laws,” he said.