Don’t block your creative process, journey in life

Lakshmi Kothaneth – – Birds are proud of their feathers, cats like to groom themselves and elephants love their mud shower immediately after their bath. There is something about the ritual of grooming and humans are no exception. Some might look down on the concept of self-love, but it can be closely related to self-respect.
We tend to stereotype people on how they ought to look at certain age and stage. There are those who break the barriers, leaving a mark, be it in profession or appearance.
Recently, I interviewed a makeup artist who was always interested in drawing and painting but was told as a young child that it was not of much value.
She pursued her passion and went on to study Geography as a major. A brilliant student, she was thrilled when her sister got a job and wanted to treat her siblings to whatever they craved for. When it came to expressing her interest, she told her she wanted a ‘makeup box’.
So she got her first makeup box. But this collection was not for herself because she excitedly took it to her boarding at the university campus and soon, she was the official makeup artist for students.
After 10 years, Hawa al Balushi now has a job that’s related to what she studied, but she is also making waves through makeup, which happens to be a business venture.
Her story has two sides. One is to believing in yourself and making it happen no matter what others say, and the other is to feel free to look good. As for the brushes, she has a whole lot of them. People’s faces are her canvases.
There might be so much of talent out there who are staying aside just because they are shy of what people are going to say.
What will people say? How harmful can it be? What can be the worst scenario?
Instead, what happens if you do not try? If it did not work out, how does it matter as long as you try again? If we do not take the step forward, we are going to stagnate. How can we fill the cup when the cup continues to remain full? Whatever you pour would just overflow. One would end up in frustration.
Now a water spring is a different thing as the source is from within, just like the ideas that emerge out of own minds. The spring will flow naturally and would never think of building a dam on its own.
So why block our creative process and the journey of life? It does not matter which stage or age one is, one ought to celebrate the moment as nothing really comes back, especially time and opportunity. Under the same breath, we must add, it is never too late.
This is where the concept comes in about changing with the times. The beauty of life is that we have an opportunity to evolve. The river must flow. The sea follows the rule of high and low tides depending on the moon that is so far away.
We are part of the ecosystem where there will be external influences, but the essence is unshakable if we care for it, just like the rose. No matter where it is and whatever form it is, in ranging from its complete form as a flower, petals, water or perfume — its essence is intact. The rose plants have their thorns for protection. Even the plant knows it would have to defend itself, but it carries on with its purpose of blooming.
So bloom and spread the fragrance. Be a rose.