Distinctive wares and lively atmosphere mark habta market at Rustaq

Habta is a cultural event and part of Omani heritage. It is a known fact that people gather at the market specifically before Eid al Fitr celebrations and represents the legacy of Oman. In addition, it is an open market with many visitors and citizens from different wilayats, children, men and women gather for shopping their wares. The tradition has been maintained for its social importance and economical benefits since it heralds the joyous event of Eid after a month long fasting session of Ramadhan.

In Rustaq it begins from the 20th day of Ramadhan and goes on until the 29th day of the month which is a massive celebration called habta.
People from all around Rustaq and outside gather and buy their wares for the Eid according to their needs.
What makes Rustaq habta unique is that it is the most attractive souq in the Al Batinah Governorate. The habta market is the best place with regard to buying and selling of sheep and goats.
Khalfan bin Habib Krioosi said the price of livestock ranges between RO 90 and RO 100 while prices of cow range between RO 280 and RO 510.
He says that the prices of livestock will be usually moderate during the initial days but the demand is usually large for local breeds during habta.
He also adds that people are also attracted to souq for fruits and vegetables. Children wares like toys and other goods also make the place lively. The habta market at Rustaq souq turns very active due to high quality of goods, and the opportunity to meet with friends and families and to greet them for the festive occasion.

Siham Al saidi