Digital solutions sought for strong corporate identity

The 7th International e-Commerce Conference evoked general interest from the participants on institutional identity and correlation between institutional and brand identities. It covered broad areas covering issues like value of emotional intelligence for institutional identity in digital era and influence of thinking pattern on corporate identity.
The speakers put stress on use of electronic applications to build strong corporate identity and suggested the entities to equip with electronic payment applications. They exhorted the corporate sector not to lag behind when the world has entered into an advanced stage of technological revolution where strong brand identity is largely based on companies’ adaptability to smart digital solutions.
The two-cay conference opened at Crowne Plaza Salalah Resort on Wednesday under the auspices of HH Sayyid Faisal bin Turki al Said. The conference focused mainly on its theme of ‘Corporate identity’ in which most of the speakers were of the opinion that it was important for all the entities to keep themselves updated with the latest developments in their sector as in this age of cutting age competition, being digitally smart was the best option.
The event was organised by the Middle East Centre for Consulting and Studies. Dr Ali bin Suhail Tabook, CEO of the Middle East Centre called upon the gathering to be digitally smart and said that it was one of the major requirements in the wake of “our country’s growth and development.”
“The onus is on us now to carry forward the glory of the past. The goal of the 7th e-commerce is to achieve ‘institutional Identity’, which also the theme of the conference. It is clear guide to us what we have achieved and how we have to progress in future. Governance and digital transactions have big roles to play to achieve our desired goals,” he said.
The participants drawn from the GCC and Middle Eastern countries threw light on contemporary practices in above mentioned areas while the Omani side sought to meet the challenges of on going technological revolution through building proper corporate identity and protecting intellectual property rights in accordance with Omani law.
Dr Rashid bin Hamed al Balushi, Dean College of Law at Sultan Qaboos University, chaired a session titled ‘Perspectives on corporate identity, in which Zainab Ali al Sayabiyah, an expert in enriching the clients’ experience, put stress on an establishment’s good relations with its customers and employees.
Institutional identity, according to her, is needed to lay the foundation for vision and institutional values, which are important ingredients to build and strengthen institutional entity. “Institutional identity is all about safety, security and trust and an institution’s ability to translate the company’s vision into reality,” she said.
Dr Hussein bin Saeed al Ghafri, lawyer and legal adviser, put stress on ‘Legal regulations of the trademark in Omani law’ and said, “Intellectual property is generally perceived as a modern concept. It, however, existed even in ancient times but in a different form. About three hundred years ago, Romanian craftsmen put their mark on their intellectual production and used it in their trade.”
The event would conclude on Thursday after discussion sessions and some important recommendations.