Differently-abled kids shine at exams

MUSCAT: As many as 15 differently abled students secured high scores at the CBSE public exams at the Indian schools. One student scored 98.2 per cent.

Despite being challenged by Down’s Syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism these children made their parents, teachers and schools proud by confidence and determination.

“The outstanding result is largely due to the deep commitment of students, their supportive parents and the devoted team of teachers. The ISM family dedicates this notable triumph to the coronavirus warriors and the community as they stand united at large,” said Dr Rajeev Kumar Chauhan, Principal of Indian School Muscat.

He also attributes the success to the dedication of the school counsellor and teachers who played a very crucial role in the success.

“It is no doubt, with the wholehearted cooperation from the part of parents and school and counsellor and therapist that such a success was possible,” says Dr Benny Varghese, academic counsellor.

“With proper guidance and proper accommodation to the disability, everything is possible,” adds Dr Benny.

Indian School Muscat recorded the school average aggregate of 83 per cent at Class 10 CBSE exams. As many as 37 students scored centum, 32 per cent students scored above 90 per cent, 65.5 per cent scored above 80 per cent, 32.6 per cent A1 and 55.6 per cent of A1 and A2 in all subjects.