Dhofar writers get a boost with chapter office

SALALAH, Jan 24 – The writers’ community in Salalah hailed the opening of a proper office for the Dhofar chapter of the Omani Society for Writers and Literati as a milestone for the coming events and activities in the field of Arabic language and literature. The Omani Society for Writers and Literati already had a branch in terms of office-bearers, which was doing its activities in local libraries, schools and colleges but was facing difficulty in conducting day-to-day activities and follow ups. Eshraq al Nahdi, who is an active member of the society and has written books on social issues, called the office opening “a much-awaited thing for all the writers as they were facing difficulty in doing internal meetings and interactions with visiting Arabic language experts… Hurriedly we would look for some space in local hotels, libraries or clubs to do such meetings.”
“We are privileged to have our own place to sit and discuss the issues related to writers as we have seen that Dhofar has potential to produce good writers. People here are habitual storytellers… Thus, they have ideas. If their skills in expression, communication and writing are brushed up, they can come up as very good writers,” said Al Nahdi.
Al Nahdi mentioned about so many workshops, seminars and story-reading events organised in Salalah that helped in creating an atmosphere for writers.
“Many new writers joined our group and even wrote stories, which are published in the form of books and magazines,” she said.
The office of the society, which is located on 23 July Street near Oman Arab Bank, was opened under the auspices of Ahmed bin Ali al Amri, Adviser Technical Affairs, Office of the Minister of State and Governor of Dhofar.
Members of the Omani Society for Writers and Literati and those who have interest in art and culture were present on the occasion. In his opening speech, Ali bin Ahmed al Mashani, Dhofar Head of the Omani Society for Writers and Literati, called for more interaction between writers and exchange of ideas about literary issues. He is also a poet and member of Majlis Ash’shura from Taqah.
Another writer Aisha bint Abdullah al Sirihi welcomed the decision and threw light on the activities of the Writers’ Society in Dhofar and exhorted budding writers to take advantage of the facilities being offered by it. The representatives of Omani Cancer Society were also present on the occasion as there has been some content cooperation between both the societies. Al Nahdi has developed some booklets for the Omani Cancer Society in which there are stories written by her. The booklet throws light on how to live with cancer and role of the society and community towards those who are suffering from the disease.

Kaushalendra Singh