Dhofar rain: ROP receives more than 140 distress calls

Salalah: Brigadier Mohsen bin Ahmed al Abri, Commander of the Dhofar Governorate Police, said that the Emergency Management Center, which was activated in Dhofar on Friday morning, (May 29)  to follow up the tropical situation, received more than 145 reports that varied between drifting people, detaining people and vehicles, seeking help, roads blocking and fires. The Police as well as Civil Defense and Ambulance have dealt with these reports, in cooperation with the other concerned authorities.   Assistance was provided to more than 140 people, in addition to removing the vehicles that were drowned and detent. Also, a number of urgent medical cases were transferred to Sultan Qaboos Hospital in Salalah.

Al Abri clarified, through the ROP website, that Emergency Management  Center led by the Dhofar Governorate Police includes a group of sectors and the competent military and security authorities concerned with dealing with climatic conditions  directly, which contributed to coordinating and unifying efforts through receiving reports and observations received and taking immediate action. He pointed that the Center’s success in achieving rapid response and optimal handling of events helps in minimising impacts and losses.

He mentioned that the Royal Oman Police has done preparations to deal with the effects of the tropical situation through prior planning and previous experiences.  Manpower has been deployed in the Dhofar Police Command headquarters in all locations equipped with qualified and specialised forces from the Special Tasks Police, Civil Defense and Ambulance, and also was provided by  search and rescue equipment. The ROP has also taken pre-emptive actions to avoid human losses, such as evacuating residents of some low-lying areas and closure of affected or submerged roads.

In terms of losses , the Brigadier General stated that two citizens died due to crossing wadi Arzat in Salalah, while the search is still underway for a third citizen who was swept away by Wadi Dhahboun in Thumirat. Moreover, one death was recorded of an expatriate in addition to other three injuries following the collapse of an old residential building built with unstable materials for expat workers of an Asian nationality in the central Salalah. He pointed out that Dhofar Police had arrested a number of people who risked their lives by crossing wadis, and legal measures had been taken against them.

Brigadier Mohsen al Abri stressed that the Royal Oman Police continues its efforts and in Dhofar Governorate to provide aid and assistance to citizens and residents, organise the traffic movement, maintain security and restore life to normal, in cooperation with other government and private agencies.

He thanked the citizens and residents for their commitment and following the instructions, which contributed to reducing the damages and losses of the tropical situation. He extended thanks to ROP forces, military, governmental and private authorities, in addition to the General Authority of Civil Defense and Ambulance that dealt with the situation.

Al Abri called on citizens and residents to stay away from gatherings in wadis, water springs and other tourist places after the tropical situation is over, and abide by the decisions of the Supreme Committee to avoid transmission of Covid-19, as well as preventing incidents of drowning.