Dhakhilya to have high temperature

Muscat: Stronger swell waves were experienced across eastern coast of Musandam and North Al Batinah compared to other coastal areas of Arabian Sea in Oman.

According to Oman Met Office of Public Authority of Civil Aviation (PACA), the high tides from Monday onwards will not have the impact of the tropical storm experience over the Arabian Sea that has been moving towards the west coast of India.

The highest temperature in the Sultanate was recorded in Sunaina with 49 degrees Celsius, followed by Ibri with 48, Fahud, Ghaba, Umm Zamaym, Haima, Muqshin, Buraimi recorded 47 degrees each, Samail, Dima al Watayeen, Mukhaisna and Marmul recorded 46 degrees. Muscat experienced only 37 degrees.

“This is due to the high humidity Muscat is currently experiencing,” said an official at the Met Office. While humidity ranged between 40 to 90 per cent in the capital, in Salalah it was between 80 to 90 per cent.

Dhakhiliya is expected to be hotter on Tuesday by one or two degrees and the same is expected in North Sharqiyah and maybe few wilayats in South Sharqiyah as per the weather forecast.

Meanwhile, clear to partly cloudy skies along coastal area of Dhofar governorates and clear to partly cloudy skies along the coastal areas of the Arabian Sea has been forecast with mainly clear skies over the rest of the Sultanate. Chances of late night to early morning low level clouds along coastal areas of Arabian Sea are also expected.

Along the coastal areas of Oman Sea the wind is expected to be variable light at night becoming northeasterly light to moderate during the day and along coastal areas of Arabian Sea winds are expected to be southwesterly to southerly moderate to fresh while over rest of the Sultanate winds will be Northwesterly light to moderate.