Delve into space of mind, resolve ‘inner conflicts’

Lakshmi Kothaneth – –

Life is all about learning. When we do not, we stagnate.
How do we realise we are stagnating? One gets that suffocated feeling, and either you will reach out or sink further.
Change is a constant factor and it demands learning. While some thrive in a changing scenario, others wither away while fighting against change.
A post doing the rounds on social media is, ‘Old ways will not open new doors’. An interesting thought to share because it is not just for work because an even greater growth that is happening is internal. Every cell in our body has changed since birth and will continue to do so. But somehow we are who are we.
Leave alone what you identify yourself with because we are so busy judging others and there are others who are eagerly judging others.
Can that be called self-analysis? Is that healthy? With the right balance, self-analysis is appropriate but when things to out of control, we go overboard. The abyss within our mind is almost space-like. Most of us do not want to delve into that open space and find out what is there.
A lot of it is what we’ve been storing over the years. But to pick up the pieces of puzzle one finds in the ‘space of mind’, one needs immense strength.
While peace of mind is what we have been guided to search and reach for, how can it be achieved when we have not found solutions to internal conflicts? There are no quick fixes for matters of mind. We would have to open chapter by chapter to deal with it and most importantly, accept it.
Some wounds are deep and have been ignored, while others have been take care of. One thing is for sure, the faster we deal with it the better. Compartmentalising it is only waiting for it to pop up unexpectedly.
By trying to hide our weaknesses so that others do not know our vulnerabilities, we are only hiding from ourselves. This means we miss out on getting to know a wonderful person and reach our true potential.
We also realise much has been lost in fear — fear of the known and the unknown. But then, is there anyone on this planet who does not have fear of some kind?
Deep within our own space of mind we have a vacuum, black holes and planets and then our own individual planet where we get to visualise the best of everything. Here too, I am sure our values would influence us. As much as our inner space is important, so is our external space. We are dealing with tens of other individuals who all have their own internal conflicts. When we accept that comes our true ‘aha moment’.
Everyone is vulnerable. If we were all to sit with armour and shield, there would not be much of collaboration and cooperation in the world.
To begin with, let us reveal ourselves to our self and hopefully we would like whom we see. Even if you like whom you see, get ready for new twists in the plot because change is the only constant factor.
While we are busy branding everything in life, let us learn to ‘unbrand’ and stay away from generalising our thought process. Because it is intriguing to be unique. The scars and pain can be the unique selling proposition, after all. You do not want to blend in. Stand out. Be extraordinary.
So we are going back to branding. The only difference is this time around we will fill in the ‘purpose’ factor too. Most importantly connecting the internal and external spaces are the only way to complete the circle. One without the other is just a semicircle and it leaves us shallow.