Deepest cave in Oman found

Muscat: A group of explorers in coordination with the Speleological Team of Oman have discovered Al Khishil Cave, Al Naqqah Cave and Al Faqa’a near the village of Hail Al Hareem in the Wilayat of Dima Wa’tayeen. The Al Khishil Cave, which has depth of 400 metres, is certainly one of the deepest caves in the country. The cave contains clear water ponds and wonderful rock formations, but to go down and explore the cave, one needs to be very cautious of this exhausting and risky adventure because of the multiple vertical slopes and the presence of slippery surfaces in many parts of the cave. The cave is about 140 metres deep.

This ditch is followed by several consecutive vertical pitches, ranging in depth of between 30 metres and several metres. The Al Naqqah Cave also has beautiful rock formations, crevices, trenches and small water pools. The depth Al Faqa’a Cave, which is located about half kilometre on the northeastern side of the village of Hail Al Hareem, in the southern flanks and mountain peaks of Wadi Daiqa, is about 47 metres. — ONA