Dedicated lanes for public transport buses?

Muscat, Aug 11 – Mwasalat is working with the Muscat Municipality and the Ministry of Transport and Communications for making dedicated lanes for public transport buses, said a statement from the company.
In response to a query on its website, the company said: “A tender has been submitted for the project. We hope to see it taking off in the near future.”
Mwasalat was responding to suggestions that dedicated bus lanes will reduce commuting time and encourage people to leave their vehicles and use public transport instead.
As part of the public transport strategy for Muscat, to be developed over a period of seven years, dedicated bus lanes would be introduced in the first phase.
In recent months, Mwasalat has introduced several new routes in the capital, connecting areas such as Ansab, Al Mouj, Al Khuwair, PDO and Muscat airport.
“Private car users will be reluctant to use buses in spite of advanced features such as free Wi-Fi, facilities for the disabled and cheaper fares,” said Mohsin, who avoids bus travel due to long waiting periods.
He said dedicated bus lanes will reduce the travel time.
“We are still in the early days of a public transport system here, but a dedicated lane for buses, ambulances and taxis will help reduce vehicles on roads and with that, the possibility of accidents,” said Fatma al Balushi, who prefers a bus if the right infrastructure is in place.

Vinod Nair