Decorate your cars for final

Football fans have been permitted to decorate cars from January 4 to show their support to Oman team who are all geared up to meet the UAE in the 23rd Arabian Gulf Cup final on Friday in Kuwait. The vehicles can remain decorated until January 15, 2018.
The Royal Oman Police however has given instructions to be followed. Motorists are to follow the rules — the promotion material should be well secured, the stickers should not cover the front, side glasses in addition to the number plate and lights. The back windshield can be used but should not hinder the driver’s visibility. The officials also have requested to avoid unfixed fabric and materials should not cover the engine. The list of regulations also states, “Indecent phrases should not be used.”
Most importantly the colour and shape of the vehicle should not be tampered, in addition, unpolished materials are not permitted. Posters that do not comply with the traffic safety requirements are not allowed. The promotions or the stickers/posters should relate to the occasion — Gulf Cup Final.

Lakshmi Kothaneth