Deadline for withdrawal of candidature is Aug 22

MUSCAT: The deadline for withdrawal of candidature from the final list of Majlis Ash’shura elections is August 22, the Ministry of Interior said on Monday. The ministry has introduced a new technique to submit withdrawal forms through its e-window. The candidate wishing to withdraw from the candidacy can either login with the identity card, enhanced by e-verification system and card reader, or by mobile phone’s smart card enhanced by e-verification system. Ultimately, the nominee shall complete the rest of the application process.
The main committee for Majlis Ash’shura 9th term elections has already set August 22 as the last day for submitting candidacy applications according to Article 43 of Shura Elections Act, which allows the candidate or his legal representative to inform the head of main committee about the withdrawal decision. The head shall notify the main election committee about delisting of the candidate, which in turn will notify the Supreme Elections Committee for such removal.
There are 86 seats allocated to the Majlis Ash’shura for the next period, representing all the wilayats in the Sultanate, including one member for a wilayat with a population of less
than 30,000, and two for more than 30,000 people.
The candidates can place billboards after signing a pledge to install them in accordance with standards and conditions set by municipal authorities, and to remove them at his/her own cost 24 hours prior to the voting date. The maximum number of billboards for each candidate is 15. The billboards should meet the specifications set by the municipality. The size of the poster fixed depends on the size of the existing advertising boards in the wilayat, and the specifications and the conditions are set by the municipality. Some candidates in various wilayats have already started meeting voters at clubs’ headquarters, Omani Women’s Associations and public majlis.
Meanwhile, a two-day training workshop for media coverage of Majlis Ash’shura elections began in Salalah on Monday. The workshop is organised by Omani Journalists Association (OJA), in cooperation with the Media Committee for Majlis Ash’shura elections.
The activities of the workshop include a range of themes on media coverage of Majlis elections, in addition to reviewing the principles and controls in the legal framework for Majlis elections.