Day 1: Airport to receive passengers after 3 pm

March 18 -The new terminal building of the Muscat International Airport will receive passengers from 3 pm on March 20, a statement from the authorities said.
The statement added, “The last departure from the existing airport will be at 2.45 pm, after which the airport will be closed.”
There will be no flights between these times to allow all stakeholders to relocate to the new airport smoothly.
It said the first flight arriving at the new airport will be at 5.30 pm, while the first departure flight from the new terminal will be at 6.50 pm.
SalamAir has said all its flights will depart from the new terminal after 2 pm on March 20.
Meanwhile, the Muscat Municipality employees are giving finishing touches to the road leading to the new airport. A top-level meeting was held on Thursday during which the Operational Readiness Team was briefed about the preparations at the new passenger building.
A number of trial live flights have been conducted from the airport since March 15.
“The airport will operate a number of domestic flights for Petroleum Development of Oman. As part of the planned airport operation transfer, these flights are planned to ensure full readiness of the new passenger terminal building before the actual operations commence on March 20,” said a statement.
The PDO flight OM050, operated by Oman Air, became the first live trial flight to use the new Muscat International Airport terminal.
The flight, carrying 102 passengers, took off this morning at 7:30 am and landed safely at PDO’s Fahud Airport at 8:25 am. Infrastructure Director Dr Badar al Kharusi, said, “We are delighted and honoured to have played a part on this historic occasion.”