Dancing with ill-composed note

By Abdulaziz Al Jahdhami

Life overall is gradually returning back as people and businesses have started recovering from the aftershocks of coronavirus. Back to normal daily life is taking place slowly with a thoughtful step forward. This is a positive sign as the sun is shining again after the storm! The lesson is learned, experience has gained and force has geared up for a better future. The best is yet to come regardless of what all has happened to individuals, societies, nations and the whole world.

There is no doubt that coronavirus pandemic has changed people’s lifestyle and attitude too. However, what matters is the change that will last with them! How will people live when it is all over? Perhaps many futurists have their particular visions of life once the coronavirus battle is over. They have come out with different assumptions based on intuition, rulebooks, legends or probably past incidents and similar historical phenomena. However, all of this might be just thoughts and expectations.

Predicting the future is not a piece of cake that anyone can try out! As they say it takes the finest, bravest minds to dare. The world is witnessing massive and rapid change in most spheres of life. Although this change is inspired by the push in science or technology, and bumped by the worldwide health emergency, it is hard to find a sound forecast. Coronavirus will fast-forward the fourth industrial revolution and digitalisation of most services in town if not all.

In view of that, governments and people are luckily getting their strength back to return to normalcy. Employees of many government entities have come back on full board resuming work from office. Some corporates have started partial boarding of employees, while some are still maintaining work from home approach. Every organisation works based on what best serves them in the current diverse circumstances. Nevertheless, all have taken a step forward towards readjusting to the new normal and reviving the spirit of their employees.

With this positive move on the way to recovery, all should be on a standby mode as life is still limping and gently navigating the right direction. After the lockdown of most businesses and activities, life has steadily started dancing back! It is somehow struggling with a shaky dance like a dancer with a high heel; nervous and afraid of falling down.

Hence, one should always remain cautious and stay safe, whether at office or outside! The precautionary measures and health habits should be adapted as an integral part of the new lifestyle. Adherence to social distancing and careful mingling with others will also be an essential practice on the way forward. It has taught people to be more suspicious somehow and selective when socialising with others around them.