Dabab — Dreamy village in Qurayat beckons

MUSCAT, DEC 29 – Dabab is one of the villages on the coastal area of Qurayat located east of the Sea of Oman, 15 kilometres away from Muscat. Its unique landscape is a major attraction to tourists. The beach surrounding the village is covered with fine sands, where various types of birds hover over. Dabab embraces many monuments such as castles, forts and towers as testimony to the great history of the village. It also boasts of many valleys which are filled in their utmost capacity, turning to be among the biggest valleys in Oman during rainy seasons. Dabab is featured by its caves and fresh water falls.

It is famous for Hawiyat Najm, a park which is one of the important tourist destinations in the Sultanate, dating back to hundreds of years. Residents in the village believe it is a deep hole, with water at the bottom, caused by a star or a meteor that fell around hundreds of years ago. Throughout the year, the village experiences moderate climate even in summer. During winter season, visitors flock to the place to enjoy the combination of natural elements — the sea, the moonlight and the sunrise. Within the government efforts to facilitate the area as a touristic spot, construction is under way for Dabab resort project, which is expected to be ready by the first quarter of next year 2020. It is an integrated 5-star tourist resort, and the first tourism project in Qurayat.