Customs’ measures a big push for the economy

When we talk of export and import, a key economic activity in any country, the role of Customs becomes crucial. Without a Customs department at the exit and entry points of a country, no international trade and cross-border business is possible. In a world where countries have become interdependent, services offered by the Customs department are like a lifeline to many economies.
This is what makes the role of Directorate General of Customs of the Royal Oman Police (ROP) crucial. That is why the directorate always takes measures that improve its services.
Recently, it took some important steps to increase efficiency in its work. This will prove highly beneficial for the country’s economy and help the country derive high value advantages.
The measures taken by the Customs’ arms of the Royal Oman Police will increase the benefits of the Sultanate’s ports, airports and other air, land and sea corridors. It will encourage entrepreneurs to import directly and commence re-export of goods. These efforts will help improve the Customs clearance systems.
The most positive thing is that the Directorate General of Customs is working with a clear vision to make the Sultanate among the best countries in terms of handling of logistics and related services.
Perhaps, the “investment stores” initiative launched by the Directorate General of Customs recently depends on Customs taxes started by the Directorate General of Customs. It is meant to encourage businessmen to invest in the establishment of stores for goods in the Sultanate.
It is a new type of Customs stores that add value to the existing stores and replace the public and private stores in the future. This will prove to be most flexible way of Customs’ clearance.
Such distinctive steps taken by the ROP is due to its own sense of responsibility to stimulate and promote this strategic economic sector. This will put Oman on the map of world’s prestigious ports by addressing everyday needs and requirements. For this, it will have to meet the requirements of direct import and use geographical location of the country in the best way so that it can become a regional centre for re-export.
Such qualitative steps are aimed at providing the national economy with a new export momentum by directly addressing demands of markets for goods and encouraging imports for re-export of these goods.
With these advanced steps, the ROP is putting the ball in the court of the public and private sector to take advantage of these facilities either by investing in it or using it for increasing import, export and re-export activities.
There is no doubt that such facilities offered by the ROP and the efforts it is making at more than one level should be matched by similar steps by the competent government agencies to make these initiatives successful and accelerate their use.
We are confident such initiatives will be successful. We trust that the ROP will continue to lead the import, export and re-export business in the country.
It will do so by removing all obstacles and hurdles in the way of direct import in the Sultanate.
The ROP and all its formations are part of the country. They contribute to the development of the Sultanate in the most effective manner. They are highly sincere in their work. The initiatives of the Directorate General of Customs is an example of this sincerity in the service to the nation.