Customising bread To be an iftar must-have

If you visit any bakeshop in the country today, your nose will immediately be able to differentiate the aroma of a freshly baked bread. With one smell, your brain will be able to tell if the bread is mixed with cinnamon, chocolate or sausage amongst other ingredients added to bread these days.
Bread, after all, has always been one of the principal forms of food preferred by humans since ancient times. It has gone through different preparations, forms, shapes and sizes that it can be considered as one of the most flexible staple food preferred by many till tofay.
In Oman, people also have their preferences of how they want their bread. The Omani bread — thin, light, and mostly crispy — often mixed with either honey, cheese and the popular Oman Chips is the preferred breakfast by many Omanis. One of the top choices is also the sesame-infused Turkish bread and the market today is also flooded with Asian and French bread that there’s plenty of variety to choose from.
Of the many bakeshops and stores selling bread in the country today, Breadtalk is one of those who’ve maintained high standard and continues to be a success story.
With three different stores located in key areas in Muscat, they offer signature bread unique only to their branches — the best sellers of which are anything with chocolate on it or their sausage croissant.
In keeping with the spirit of the Ramadhan season, they officially lunch their Ramadhan Special — buns that were customised to cater to the different tastes of people in the Sultanate.
Jannat Shafaei, marketing director of Bin Mirza International LLC that manages Breadtalk shared that the introduction of the Ramadhan Special is to provide people in the Sultanate with options.
“In Ramadhan, people love having options of finger foods on the table, and these are the perfect solution! Lots of variety, full of flavour, delicious in taste,” she shared.
“We introduce a new variety of buns suitable for local tastes and flavours for Ramadhan. We actually do this every Ramadhan. The different bread pieces were created by BreadTalk head chefs in Singapore, specifically for our region only,” she added.
What made them different is that the buns are made using ingredients that are associated with the region.
“The taste profile acceptable to Ramadhan time. So not spicy for example,” Shafaei said.
There are eleven different types of bread to choose from the collection. It includes Baba Ghanoush Boat, Zaatar Cheese, Halloumi Cheese, Baba Ghanoush Bowl, Hommus Tzatziki Croissant, White Sesame Labneh Croissant, Hommus Bowl, Labneh Mint Croissant, Cream Cheese Date Croissant, Labneh Zaatar Croissant and Labneh Olive Croissant.
In keeping with the store’s standard, the bread displayed is always fresh, made on the same day and are only sold on the same day.
Rhea Deveraturda has been an avid fan of Breadtalk for months now. She shared that she liked the store because of their mixed offerings.
“They have greatly flavoured savoury ones like the ones with sausage and my favourite, the sweet ones especially the chocolate-infused bread.”
“From their Ramadhan collection, I’m quite interested with the Cream Cheese Date Croissant and the Baba Ghanoush flavoured boat. But I think my favourite of those I tasted so far is the Halloumi Cheese,” she shared.
“I can understand the concept and I feel touched by the inclusiveness of the effort they are making. Although I don’t do fasting, these are indeed good alternatives for iftar meals especially to those going for finger foods that are easy to prepare,” she added.
For Shafaei and her crew, they shared that Ramadhan is truly an important time and introducing something specific for the season allow them to show their support and appreciation for their patrons.
“Other than the bread, we hang some Ramadhan elements around [the store] to feel the Ramadhan spirit,” she said.
She added, “We (the Bin Mirza head office team) also all go out for Iftar together one night during the holy month, and enjoy the evening with each other as we, the team, are more like family, so celebrations like this are a very important opportunity to use this time and talk about things not just work-related, but family related.”