Cultivate, innovate and never give up

The 50th anniversary of Oman is also a time that has brought about memories.

Going down the memory lane, Sayyid Badr bin Hamad al Busaidy, Foreign Minister, reflects: “Of course circumstances were different. Maybe we had our own set of challenges as youngsters back then, but what remained constant, something that I am proud of is the continuity of our culture, identity and traditions that are cherished until today and this is what makes Oman what it is today with its current generation carrying on with this vast history, culture and wealth of heritage of which we are very proud.”

For every individual childhood memories are special and that too school days. Sayyid Badr had the opportunity to attend schooling both in Salalah and Muscat. He went to the school that was one amongst the first three schools in Oman.

“It was a government school called Al Saidiyah. These schools still exist in Muscat and Salalah. I went to both the schools because our family was living in Salalah during my childhood,” he reflected.

Today the children are going through online classes thanks to the pandemic; however Sayyid Badr looks at it from a positive angle as he believes it will prepare the youngsters for the Gig economy.

“Today’s generation is really set to take off with this new way of learning, new ways of doing business and we must encourage them. We must also try to keep finding ways and innovative techniques so that we also do not have to lose our traditions that bind us a community through social media and through these new platforms that are existing.

“It is interesting to observe how quickly people adapt to new ways of doing things and make good out of it. I think it should be further supported and encouraged to bring more benefits and growth to our economy and to our engagement to the rest of the world,” he explained.
The foreign minister’s advice to the youth: “I would always say to them be positive, look at ways to be innovative and unleash your potential for your own benefit, for your family and for your community. The sky’s the limit. The world has become smaller because of the digital platforms and so there are endless opportunities for the youth to make use of. So cultivate, innovate and never give up. Look forward with positivity. They will find the support they need from the government and institutions that are specialising in such areas. Think big and think global — I think that is very important.”

The youth has a responsibility and that is to carry forward the values of tolerance.
“We are blessed here in the Sultanate to have carried the concept of tolerance and respect for others and so that really positions Omanis quite well in terms of the ability to do business with everybody, regardless of their background and beliefs,” he explained.
“Tolerance is an important value and for Omanis as people of a seafaring nation as well as throughout history Omanis have been engaging with the world through trade and through acceptance of the other.
This tolerance brings with it justice, equality and respect. These are values that ought to be always treasured and embraced because it truly brings us together as human beings.
If we can all think in this spirit we will have a much better and peaceful world,” concludes Sayyid Badr.