Crackdown on vegetables sold illegally

885499By Staff Reporter — MUSCAT: Dec 31: Muscat Municipality, represented by its food inspection department, has confiscated several quantities of fruits and vegetables sold illegally in public places. As per the reports available, these food products were sold in private cars and stored in unhygienic conditions in violation of health safety norms. “Muscat Municipality and other relevant authorities have been conducting frequent inspections on such illegal businesses and imposing fines on violators.

But the issue is it is easy source to vegetables and fruits from these people as they are relatively cheap compared with those sold in supermarkets,” said Haitham, a citizen. “Even fish is sold illegally in private vehicles across Oman without adequate storage facilities,” he said. The Ministry of Commerce and Industry recently issued new guidelines for street vendors while under the new land transport law, illegal movement of goods is prohibited.