Curbs on trading from home on social media

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry is set to crack down on those stocking goods at home and selling them online without necessary commercial certifications.
The ministry plans to curb the menace of illegal online trade which is posing a threat to commercial establishments operating as per rules and regulations set by the ministry, it is learnt.
“We are aware of unlawful online trade, which is against the trade and commercial policies of the country,” said a senior official at the ministry.
He said the ministry is working on some modalities to control such practices. “This will include seeking the help of law enforcement authorities and Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRA) to curb this menace.”
The bulk of trade is carried out by people with no commercial registration or other documents issued by the Muscat Municipality or the ROP. Many traders have urged the authorities to put an end to such practices.
“What makes people continue with such businesses is the absence of a law,” said another source at the ministry.
Having said that, a lawful entity in Oman can carry out business online provided a clause, ‘buy and sell online’, is added to his or her commercial documentation.
“All one needs to do is have a commercial registration if he is new. For an existing company, promoters need to add the clause ‘buy and sell online’ to their licence,” he said.
According to officials at the ministry, once the regulations are in place, it will be easier to track those carrying out illegal trade practices online.
“We will be able to nab those posing a threat to lawful traders as all the systems are interconnected and the residency details of people can be accessed by as many as 20 ministries and authorities to check on this kind of offences,” he added.