Covid-19 is not just a number

In March of 2020 for everyone in Oman, Covid_19 was a novel Coronavirus that originated in Wuhan.  Soon Covid_19 became a source of statistics.  Now we are learning to cope with the reality that is around us, and we must manage by practicing social and physical distancing in addition to maintaining healthy life style while building our own immunity.

Whether in the media or not, all of us have been engrossed in the numbers of Covid_19 cases.  Some days we let a sigh as we see a dip in the number as a sign of relief hoping that it is coming down and on the other days as in the case of June 22, 2020 we hold our breath as we read the numbers crossing the 1, 500 mark.

There is another factor too that has been developing through these months and that is – if the Covid_19 statistics has been just about numbers in the past now it is getting entangled with emotions – no, not just fear, but the virus has been taking lives.

If that is not enough, the Covid_19 has begun to have its impact on people because now someone they know is suffering the symptoms.  It is in the inner circle.   When people begin to lose friends and they cannot say a proper goodbye the situation is sorrowful but when spouses turn Covid_19 positive and one gives succumbs to the virus the world shatters.

It is emotionally draining for the society and it is not just lifestyle changes.  Just a few months ago no one would have thought of the impact a virus could have on a family, societies, communities, nations and the world.

Is this part of the evolution the dynamic world goes through?

The fear of the unseen has a new dimension.  Children adapted to the new way of schooling and living.  But businesses are struggling and taking steps at times baby steps toward a new direction.

But the state of mind is also what we need to address especially for the people who are losing loved ones in a way that has never been imagined before.  Yet another group who are silently suffering is the ones who are going through the isolation and quarantine.

Walking through the lanes of Muttrah an individual who is waiting to go back to work said, “Cannot sleep at night, thoughts are endless and future looks bleak.  Cannot wait to go back to work and meet people.”